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Stroll through any bookstore, surf the political blogosphere, or strike up a conversation with random pedestrians. All three can provide the same message- there’s something wrong with politics today. Of course there is an element of truth to this; the nature of our political system forces politicians to take into consideration views that don’t coincide […]

I woke up this morning- admittedly quite late- to two words: “Hey. Abortion?” by my friend via online chat. We’re both of the male subset of the species so clearly the question didn’t pertain directly to either of us. It took me a moment to realize he was inquiring as to my stance on the […]

Sorry for the brief period of non-posting. Perhaps I will engage in a bombardment of posts this weekend to make up for it. First up, Stuart of had a take on my earlier “GOP Should Stick with its Big Guns” article. He disagrees with me, and since free speech is what fosters, umm, freedom- […]

The Christian Science Monitor recently published an article entitled “GOP voter discontent allows new entrants for ’08.” Its basic premise lies in the fact that the G.O.P. faces a dearth of “qualified conservative” candidates; this thought process has permeated news media for some weeks. I contend that this is in fact a good thing. Let’s […]

In an interview with ‘Focus on the Family’ founder James Dobson today, potential Republican candidate Newt Gingrich admitted to having an extramarital affair during the 90’s- the same time he was calling for the President Bill Clinton’s impeachment. As the story begins to gain popularity in news media, I am sure the major focus will […]

The Democrats took control of Congress in 2006 on the premise that they would bring change to a stagnant Middle Eastern policy; indeed, as many put it, “voter outrage” was what contributed most to the win. Don’t look now, but voter outrage could very easily start to turn right back in the opposite direction- at […]

Okay, okay enough of Ann Coulter. It’s been almost a week since her controversial comment, but news stations just can’t get enough of her. “Has Ann Coulter gone too far?” they can’t stop inquiring. The fact of the matter is simply this: Ann Coulter will never have gone too far. Fine, three newspapers may have […]

By know, I trust, most of you have heard of the Lewis “Scooter” Libby case. Analysts everywhere have emphasized over and over the fact that Libby’s conviction is the first of an executive branch official of such rank since the 80’s. But here’s what the Libby case really is and isn’t. For starters, the case […]

Disclaimer: I am a guest analyst, and although I admire Sen. McCain I have been actively supporting Rudy Giuliani. (AVoiceofReason) Ronald Kessler reports in Newsmax that aides to Sen. McCain’s opponents were “stunned” by his decision not to show at CPAC this past week. According to CPAC officials the Senator had rejected invitations to speak, […]

*Disclaimer: I am not a supporter of Barack Obama or any other Presidential candidate at this point; this article simply uses Senator Obama as an example for I feel he has been unfairly treated. It could just as easily have been S. Brownback, R. Giuliani, C. Dodd or, well, anyone.

Free Speech. It’s guaranteed by the first amendment, it’s exercised by writers, novelists, and bloggers nationwide. It’s an instrument to be used in prying loose the clamps of any tyrannical government, it’s been instrumental in fostering novel scientific, economic, and technological advances. It’s something we cherish even more as it’s taken away from others- be they bloggers in Egypt, citizens in China. It’s American.

And it’s Barack Obama supporters’ biggest fear.

But hold that last thought for a moment.

While everyone’s entitled to his own free speech, not all free speech(es) were created equal. Call it a meritocracy, some free speech is just better, worth more to us than others. We’d rather listen to the BBC than that guy yelling at the corner of the street, rather to the Washington Post than that ‘9/11 conspiracy theory’ making the rounds on the internet. All this is with good reason- credible sources who have investigated stories in a credible manner provide credible news. …