Gingrich and Giuliani


In an interview with ‘Focus on the Family’ founder James Dobson today, potential Republican candidate Newt Gingrich admitted to having an extramarital affair during the 90’s- the same time he was calling for the President Bill Clinton’s impeachment. As the story begins to gain popularity in news media, I am sure the major focus will lie on Gingrich’s supposed “hypocrisy.” But there’s another angle to this issue that will most certainly go overlooked.

Gingrich can probably explain why his actions weren’t hypocritical- he’s offered one such explanation already- but the hypocrisy that will be more interesting to track is that of voters. I refer, of course, to public opinion and the media’s overall negative portrayal of Rudy Giuliani’s publicized divorces. A recent poll saw 25% of voters say they would be highly disinclined to vote for a twice divorced candidate.

Then what of Gingrich? Not only has he been twice divorced, but also his first wife has accused him of making her sign divorce papers while she recuperated from cancer in a hospital; he’s now admitted seeing his third wife while still married to his second.

Gingrich must receive the same treatment Giuliani has- regardless of how much more “conservative” he is- or there is certainly a double standard being applied. If conservatives let Gingrich walk scot-free on account of his rank, his stance on issues, his history, Giuliani has every right to challenge that.

So, over the next week, observe news stations’ treatment of Gingrich closely, and do not fall for the “we don’t like broadcasting a culture of negativity” speech that will inevitably be made at some point or another. I maintain that it’s immoral to criticize a candidate one week, and then fail to criticize a different candidate for the exact same thing the next.

In adhering to a code of honor, the media can either dig up dirt on everybody, or dig up dirt on nobody. In a political world full of gray areas, this is one area that must be addressed in black and white.

6 Responses to “Gingrich and Giuliani”

  1. If applying for an Office in my Church, I would oppose both of them, As President, I don’t require a Deacon or a Pastor.

  2. One has nothing to do with leadership. Also, 50% of marriages end in divorce; it’s unfortunate but it’s a reality

  3. Yeah, it’s interesting that there’s such a huge opposition to divorced candidates… we all seem to easily forget Reagan was our first divorced President, and it’s an understatement to say he did a very nice job.

  4. Sounds like the Andrew Jackson scandal all over again.

    However, this could hurt both with many. Don’t think that the Democratic apparatus won’t throw out that all of their frontrunners are only married once.

  5. Interesting post. Gingrich certainly seems to have had a fairly easier ride so far.

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