Democrats Vying to Pull Out of Iraq


The Democrats took control of Congress in 2006 on the premise that they would bring change to a stagnant Middle Eastern policy; indeed, as many put it, “voter outrage” was what contributed most to the win.

Don’t look now, but voter outrage could very easily start to turn right back in the opposite direction- at the Democrats themselves. Republicans were quick to capitalize on the Democrats’ inability to come to a consensus on a seemingly pointless non-binding resolution. Today, N. Pelosi (D-CA) took the first step in nipping that turning outrage in the bud, but will it be enough?

Yes, and no. Ideally for Democrats, a troop withdrawal from Iraq would begin as soon as safely possible. What must be considered, though, is that Bush has and will use the power to veto any proposal he sees as undermining his own administration’s Middle Eastern policy. Quick withdrawals from Iraq definitely fall under this category.

The Democrats’ proposal- starting withdrawal in March 2008 and ending it by August- is hardly satisfactory to many anti-war groups who would rather see the war end in 2007. But what the Democrats’ proposal does accomplish is the setting of a timetable- however far away it may seem. It’s better late than never, the cliche goes.

Interestingly, Senator John Kerry’s call for a very similar plan in June 2006 was vetoed by Democratic leaders.

2 Responses to “Democrats Vying to Pull Out of Iraq”

  1. 1 Darrell


    The Democrats plan fails to address the consequences of a US Withdrawal from Iraq. Regardless of what anyone thinks about the justification for us to be there to begin with, the fact is we are there. If we leave now or even set a specific date in the future in which we will pack up and leave the consequences would very likely be catestrophic. The Genocide that would follow could result in millions of deaths, our Allies (especially those facing Islamic extremists) would surmise that the US is not an ally in which they can depend upon may very well conclude that the only way to ensure their survival would be to sucumb to the demands of terrorists and religious extremists, and finaly imagine the recruiting boom that Bin Laden would get when he can claim to have gone toe to toe with the most powerful nation on the planet and won..

    The only way out of Iraq without putting our National Security at greater risk is to win… It is time for both Democrats and Republicans alike to shelve the partisanship on this issue and focus instead on doing what is necessary to win…

    I have added you to my blogroll and notice that you did the same with me… Thank you… I am looking forward to some interesting discussions.



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