In no particular order, here is a list of all sources used in the creation of articles on this site:

On The Issues, Every Political Leader on Every Issue:

Rate It All, The Opinion Network:

Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopaedia:

“Bush’s Abortion Flip Flop?”:

“Safe, Legal, and Never”:

“John McCain Finds Abortion Necessary”:

“How John McCain Threatens the Pro-Life Cause”:

“Giuliani Shifts Abortion Speech Gently to Right”: en=190ee269b2a6bce4&ei=5124&partner=permalink&exprod=permalink

“John Edwards and the Catholic Vote”:

“Mitt Romney says he opposes abortion”:

“George W. Bush on Gay Rights”:

Gay Leader slams Sen. Clinton”:

“McCain: Same-sex marriage ban is Un-Republican”:

“Don’t bet on Barack”:

“Giuliani cozies up to anti-gay leaders”:

“Edwards only Democrat to personally oppose gay marriage”:

“Was George W. Bush involved in an Illegal Abortion?”:

“Why Jesus Would not Vote for Barack Obama”:

“Maine Democrats”:

“A Guide to the Political Left”:

“Romney files Death Penalty Bill”:

“Kerry and Edwards Differ on Death Penalty”:

“Why I’m Rooting for an Edwards Surge”:

“Giuliani: Consider death Penalty for American Taliban fighter”:

“Experts: Rep. Hunter Could Be Violating Campaign Finance Laws”:

“Al Gore Will Not Only Run, but He Can and Will Win”:

“Poll Effect: Obama to Give up Smoking”:

“Obama Trying to Quit Smoking- Again”:,1,1203687.story?ctrack=1&cset=true

“Clinton Pushes Congress to Pass New Gun Control Legislation”:

“Friendly Fire: If McCain’s Going to Claim…”:

“Keyes Fires at Obama on Gun Control Vote”:

“Giuliani: Gun Control Helped Lower Crime”:,4670,Onthe2008Trail,00.html

“Romney: For Gun Control, Before He Was Against it”:

“Gore’s Affirmative Action vs. Bush’s Affirmative Access”:

“Statement of Senator Hillary Clinton”:

“Yes, Rudy Giuliani is a Conservative”:

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