GOP Should Stick with its Big Guns- Part Deux


Sorry for the brief period of non-posting. Perhaps I will engage in a bombardment of posts this weekend to make up for it. First up, Stuart of had a take on my earlier “GOP Should Stick with its Big Guns” article. He disagrees with me, and since free speech is what fosters, umm, freedom- clearly my eloquence has diminished- I’ll begin by posting his response in its entirety here:


Dear Sandman,

I disagree with you that the GOP needs to narrow the field quickly to someone who is currently famous. If you nominate a candidate who doesn’t share your views or values, and that candidate wins, have you really won? Too many people become invested in party politics and support candidates only on the basis who can win an election. Political parties becomes like sports franchises, with fans rooting for their teams, not really caring who plays on those teams. Unlike in sports though, the season doesn’t end with the championship game; we have to live with the winning candidate and his policies.

You say the McCain is “slightly out of favor”; I agree with that statement, except that I’d strike the word “slightly”. McCain has outraged both the libertarian and populist wings of the GOP to the extent that he is not just disliked but despised. He fell out of favor with free speech advocates with his campaign finance reform bill, which he wrote with Russ Feingold (one of the three most liberal members of the senate). Many still maintain that this law violates the first amendment to the constitution. What favor McCain had with populist Republicans he lost with his illegal alien amnesty bill, which he wrote with Ted Kennedy (another of the three most liberal members of the senate). As I have explained at length on this site, this bill undermines the sovereignty of the USA and would be a disaster for the working man. It is ironic that McCain would bill himself as a maverick, when his only remaining support comes from the country club/big business wing of the party. Just what conservative credentials does McCain have left? He even voted against tax cuts before he voted for them. As far as the general electorate goes, his continued support for the war in Iraq makes him unpopular with liberals. Is this the new definition of “moderate”: someone who is unpopular with both liberals and conservatives? Add to this McCain’s temper which he is having a harder time keeping under control as he gets older. We shouldn’t have to wait much longer for McCain’s campaign ending version of the Dean scream. McCain is not going to get the nomination; I guarantee it. Personally I will never vote for McCain under any circumstances; if the Democrats nominate Satan, I’ll vote third party.

As for Rudy, it is true that he has leadership qualities but he has very little experience with the world outside of New York City. He is going to have to do a lot of learning and growing fast if he is going to get the nomination. He also has a lot of personal baggage; his own son doesn’t support his candidacy.

As for “Flip” Romney, he has been well documented by Tony on this site. Romney changes his views so often, I’m not sure just what the man stands for.

For the time being, I’m supporting Tom Tancredo but he has gotten little notice so far. We have ten months until the first primary. There’s plenty of time for the GOP to nominate someone who isn’t John McCain.

My main point was that I’d take a moderate leaning conservative over a moderate leaning Democrat as I don’t feel a more hardcore conservative could win a national election. But, once again, very well argued indeed.

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