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Energy and Oil


Welcome to the sixth edition of the ongoing ‘Issues’ series which will document the Six Major Candidates’ (H. Clinton, J. McCain, B. Obama, R. Giuliani, J. Edwards, M. Romney) positions on every issue I can think of. G.W. Bush is included for… fun. Feel free to go check out the archives here. Pinched for time? […]

Sorry for the brief period of non-posting. Perhaps I will engage in a bombardment of posts this weekend to make up for it. First up, Stuart of had a take on my earlier “GOP Should Stick with its Big Guns” article. He disagrees with me, and since free speech is what fosters, umm, freedom- […]

The Christian Science Monitor recently published an article entitled “GOP voter discontent allows new entrants for ’08.” Its basic premise lies in the fact that the G.O.P. faces a dearth of “qualified conservative” candidates; this thought process has permeated news media for some weeks. I contend that this is in fact a good thing. Let’s […]

BOSTON – A telephone poll of likely New Hampshire voters, conducted by Suffolk University students from February 24-28, 2007, revealed top Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are statistically tied for the lead among Democratic voters in the Granite State.  Republican candidate Rudolph Giuliani had a 10-point lead over John McCain, his nearest rival.  […]

Disclaimer: I am a guest analyst, and although I admire Sen. McCain I have been actively supporting Rudy Giuliani. (AVoiceofReason) Ronald Kessler reports in Newsmax that aides to Sen. McCain’s opponents were “stunned” by his decision not to show at CPAC this past week. According to CPAC officials the Senator had rejected invitations to speak, […]

Ann Coulter used the slur “faggot” to gain some laughs at the CPAC. While the slur- aimed at Democratic candidate John Edwards- did draw laughs from the conservative audience, Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, and John McCain have been quick to condemn it. First, here’s the excerpt from her talk: Meanwhile, gay rights activist groups have […]

George W. Bush (r), (Incumbent, Will not Run in ’08) During his 2000 Presidential campaign, G. Bush described his endorsement of a concept he called “affirmative access.” While his opponent Al Gore dismissed this initially as another so-called Bush-ism, it turns out Bush really did have a distinction in mind between affirmative access and affirmative […]

Gun Control


George W. Bush (r), (Incumbent, Will not Run in ’08) Back in the 2000 Presidential election, G. Bush surprised many by backing the continuation of a weapons ban passed 10 years prior. Democrats had, by that point, already abandoned gun control as a “losing issue.” By 2004, gun activists were furious at Bush’s stance, and […]

While the Republican field of Candidates seems fairly set- from here on out, it will be the words and actions of J. McCain, R. Giuliani, and M. Romney that will deliver one of them a Presidential bid- the Democratic field is still open to one big wild card. Everything’s big about him right now- his […]

The 2008 Presidential Election is as unique as they come- a woman, an African American, and a Mormon are all considered top 5 candidates to receive a Democratic or Republican nomination. But while writers across America have speculated time and time what difficulties Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Mitt Romney will soon find themselves facing, […]