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Like it or not, war is going to be the biggest factor in the 2008 election. Even in the unlikely scenario that a full-scale pull out from Iraq occurs by November next year, an indelible mark will have been left on the minds of voters; let’s face it- we’re not going to be plunging into […]

B. Obama has literally been smashed throughout major news media, the blogosphere, and even by Pakistan since his August 1st speech. There’s really no other way to put it. “Why the @!$%$ would you want to fight another war?” the predominant reporting on his speech has gone. Personally, I’m just awed that the media has […]

In the Beltway


Sorry for the dearth of posts as of the moment. I’m right now in Washington, D.C. with the Art of Living Foundation for their Silver Jubilee celebration at the John F. Kennedy Center. As of right now, about two dozen Congress representatives are scheduled to be in attendance including the Rev. Jesse Jackson, recently in […]

Energy and Oil


Welcome to the sixth edition of the ongoing ‘Issues’ series which will document the Six Major Candidates’ (H. Clinton, J. McCain, B. Obama, R. Giuliani, J. Edwards, M. Romney) positions on every issue I can think of. G.W. Bush is included for… fun. Feel free to go check out the archives here. Pinched for time? […]

If there’s anyone not yet convinced of the power of YouTube, the following video should do the trick. As regular readers will notice, I’ve been regularly posting clips from YouTube onto the blog- and no, not Colbert Report or Daily Show clips other blogs are so fond of posting just to get hits. There’s simply […]

Fox News’ new self-proclaimed “fair and balanced” motto took yet another hit when its co-hosted debate with Democratic Presidential candidates was called off by Democrats. If the debate had been allowed, it could have gone a long way in mending fences with liberal activists who have continued to oppose Fox.  Although many have accused Fox […]

BOSTON – A telephone poll of likely New Hampshire voters, conducted by Suffolk University students from February 24-28, 2007, revealed top Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are statistically tied for the lead among Democratic voters in the Granite State.  Republican candidate Rudolph Giuliani had a 10-point lead over John McCain, his nearest rival.  […]