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Like it or not, war is going to be the biggest factor in the 2008 election. Even in the unlikely scenario that a full-scale pull out from Iraq occurs by November next year, an indelible mark will have been left on the minds of voters; let’s face it- we’re not going to be plunging into […]

Energy and Oil


Welcome to the sixth edition of the ongoing ‘Issues’ series which will document the Six Major Candidates’ (H. Clinton, J. McCain, B. Obama, R. Giuliani, J. Edwards, M. Romney) positions on every issue I can think of. G.W. Bush is included for… fun. Feel free to go check out the archives here. Pinched for time? […]

Disclaimer: I am a guest analyst, and although I admire Sen. McCain I have been actively supporting Rudy Giuliani. (AVoiceofReason) Ronald Kessler reports in Newsmax that aides to Sen. McCain’s opponents were “stunned” by his decision not to show at CPAC this past week. According to CPAC officials the Senator had rejected invitations to speak, […]

Gun Control


George W. Bush (r), (Incumbent, Will not Run in ’08) Back in the 2000 Presidential election, G. Bush surprised many by backing the continuation of a weapons ban passed 10 years prior. Democrats had, by that point, already abandoned gun control as a “losing issue.” By 2004, gun activists were furious at Bush’s stance, and […]

Death Penalty


George W. Bush (r), (Incumbent, Will not Run in ’08) G. Bush’s initial 2000 Presidential campaign encountered a hellish time in trying to destroy Bush’s reputation as the “chief executive of the Texas killing industry.” Hundreds of activists blamed Bush for Texas’ U.S. leading rate of inmates put to death. Within the first 100 days […]

Gay Rights


George W. Bush (r), (Incumbent, Will not Run in ’08) G. Bush has tried to bill himself as gay right “tolerant,” but his actions and words tell a totally different story. “I was struck with his lack of familiarity with the issues, as well as by his desire to learn,” claims former Congressman Steve Gunderson. […]



George W. Bush (r), (Incumbent, Will not Run in ’08) G. Bush has long billed himself as a pro-life advocate. Although he has never been in favor of a complete ban on abortion, he has consistently opposed abortion in non-extreme cases- for example, the Partial Birth Adoption Ban of 2003. His ability to align his […]