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Fox News’ new self-proclaimed “fair and balanced” motto took yet another hit when its co-hosted debate with Democratic Presidential candidates was called off by Democrats. If the debate had been allowed, it could have gone a long way in mending fences with liberal activists who have continued to oppose Fox.  Although many have accused Fox […]

Okay, okay enough of Ann Coulter. It’s been almost a week since her controversial comment, but news stations just can’t get enough of her. “Has Ann Coulter gone too far?” they can’t stop inquiring. The fact of the matter is simply this: Ann Coulter will never have gone too far. Fine, three newspapers may have […]

Ann Coulter used the slur “faggot” to gain some laughs at the CPAC. While the slur- aimed at Democratic candidate John Edwards- did draw laughs from the conservative audience, Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, and John McCain have been quick to condemn it. First, here’s the excerpt from her talk: Meanwhile, gay rights activist groups have […]