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Like it or not, war is going to be the biggest factor in the 2008 election. Even in the unlikely scenario that a full-scale pull out from Iraq occurs by November next year, an indelible mark will have been left on the minds of voters; let’s face it- we’re not going to be plunging into […]

First off, I’ll start by saying the YouTube/CNN Democrat debate of last week was awesome. Groundbreaking in many ways, its best facet was certainly the questioners’ insistence on frank answers, and the candidates’ willingness- relatively speaking- to comply with their wishes. There were a ton of great questions posed, but this one struck me as […]

The Democrats took control of Congress in 2006 on the premise that they would bring change to a stagnant Middle Eastern policy; indeed, as many put it, “voter outrage” was what contributed most to the win. Don’t look now, but voter outrage could very easily start to turn right back in the opposite direction- at […]