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*Disclaimer: I am not a supporter of Barack Obama or any other Presidential candidate at this point; this article simply uses Senator Obama as an example for I feel he has been unfairly treated. It could just as easily have been S. Brownback, R. Giuliani, C. Dodd or, well, anyone.

Free Speech. It’s guaranteed by the first amendment, it’s exercised by writers, novelists, and bloggers nationwide. It’s an instrument to be used in prying loose the clamps of any tyrannical government, it’s been instrumental in fostering novel scientific, economic, and technological advances. It’s something we cherish even more as it’s taken away from others- be they bloggers in Egypt, citizens in China. It’s American.

And it’s Barack Obama supporters’ biggest fear.

But hold that last thought for a moment.

While everyone’s entitled to his own free speech, not all free speech(es) were created equal. Call it a meritocracy, some free speech is just better, worth more to us than others. We’d rather listen to the BBC than that guy yelling at the corner of the street, rather to the Washington Post than that ‘9/11 conspiracy theory’ making the rounds on the internet. All this is with good reason- credible sources who have investigated stories in a credible manner provide credible news. …

George W. Bush (r), (Incumbent, Will not Run in ’08) During his 2000 Presidential campaign, G. Bush described his endorsement of a concept he called “affirmative access.” While his opponent Al Gore dismissed this initially as another so-called Bush-ism, it turns out Bush really did have a distinction in mind between affirmative access and affirmative […]

Gun Control


George W. Bush (r), (Incumbent, Will not Run in ’08) Back in the 2000 Presidential election, G. Bush surprised many by backing the continuation of a weapons ban passed 10 years prior. Democrats had, by that point, already abandoned gun control as a “losing issue.” By 2004, gun activists were furious at Bush’s stance, and […]

Obama Quits


Perhaps in direct response to the recent poll suggesting voters disliked candidates who smoked, Barack Obama has announced he is quitting smoking. He says he has pledged to his wife, Michelle, that he will only chew Nicotine gum from this point; surely it will help him in terms of his health and his campaign. As […]

While the Republican field of Candidates seems fairly set- from here on out, it will be the words and actions of J. McCain, R. Giuliani, and M. Romney that will deliver one of them a Presidential bid- the Democratic field is still open to one big wild card. Everything’s big about him right now- his […]

The 2008 Presidential Election is as unique as they come- a woman, an African American, and a Mormon are all considered top 5 candidates to receive a Democratic or Republican nomination. But while writers across America have speculated time and time what difficulties Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Mitt Romney will soon find themselves facing, […]

Death Penalty


George W. Bush (r), (Incumbent, Will not Run in ’08) G. Bush’s initial 2000 Presidential campaign encountered a hellish time in trying to destroy Bush’s reputation as the “chief executive of the Texas killing industry.” Hundreds of activists blamed Bush for Texas’ U.S. leading rate of inmates put to death. Within the first 100 days […]