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It’s been a busy week for the Dems, what with their nationally publicized debate. Thus, the focus of this week’s issue of “The Mango” is, appropriately, the Republicans. John McCain “officially” announced his candidacy earlier this week; this edition of the Comic-al news takes a look at the candidates vying for the Republican nomination. As […]

Having been bored time and time again by the same, redundant (political) news over the last few weeks, I came to the following conclusion: reading the news is boring. Shortly after that stupendous epiphany, I came up with a brilliant idea: I could use my unparalleled photo-wire scanning ability, witty-beyond-belief caption writing skills, and Photoshop-enhanced […]

So, as you’ve all seen I haven’t posted in almost two weeks. Too much other stuff came up- read: baseball season. However, due to the intense clamoring of the literally tens of people wishing to hasten my demise continue observing my meteoric ascension to political blogging stardom, I’ve decided it is now high time to […]