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Welcome to Mango Ice Cream’s first installment of the “9 for ’08 series.” As we all know, the political scenery has been and is still dominated by two major parties. A great number of highly qualified candidates go completely unnoticed, year to year, election to election, simply because they fly under this Republican vs. Democrat […]

Ann Coulter used the slur “faggot” to gain some laughs at the CPAC. While the slur- aimed at Democratic candidate John Edwards- did draw laughs from the conservative audience, Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, and John McCain have been quick to condemn it. First, here’s the excerpt from her talk: Meanwhile, gay rights activist groups have […]

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George W. Bush (r), (Incumbent, Will not Run in ’08) G. Bush has tried to bill himself as gay right “tolerant,” but his actions and words tell a totally different story. “I was struck with his lack of familiarity with the issues, as well as by his desire to learn,” claims former Congressman Steve Gunderson. […]