“The Mango” – Episode 1


Having been bored time and time again by the same, redundant (political) news over the last few weeks, I came to the following conclusion: reading the news is boring. Shortly after that stupendous epiphany, I came up with a brilliant idea: I could use my unparalleled photo-wire scanning ability, witty-beyond-belief caption writing skills, and Photoshop-enhanced editing powers to create a visual representation of the news.

That’s right, a comic. Picture’s worth a thousand words right?

So, every week I will try to put out a one page comic, cunningly entitled “The Mango,” summarizing the cool things going on in U.S. politics. So without further ado, here’s Episode 1 (going light on the “news” part to kick things off).

Click on the image for a larger version:

2 Responses to ““The Mango” – Episode 1”

  1. Well done!

  1. 1 Political Grind » Prez Candidate Blunders

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