US Declares War on Iran


President George W. Bush announced Sunday morning that the United States is officially at war with Iran. Having seen repeated requests directed at Iran aimed at cutting nuclear weapon production denied, Bush asked Congress for an official declaration of war. Many analysts are shocked the Congress vote failed to go along party lines, with numerous Democrats defecting to the side of war.

The implications are severe. A military strategy is not yet in place, but at this point it appears that at least half of current troops in Iraq will be re-directed to Iran. An additional 5.7 billion dollar budget is expected to be requested by the Bush Administration some time this week.

Anti-war groups have already lashed out severely; as stated by the International Democracy Initiative to Ostracize Terrorist Syndicates (IDIOTS), “this American war… is indeed a blasphemy upon the very foundations of civilization. Asymptotically approaching the metaphoric nadir of morality… George Bush and the American people ought to be ashamed of this horrific declaration.” News of a planned march on Pennsylvania Avenue this evening leaked early this morning, and plans to call in the National Guard are already in action.

For neoconservative groups, this is the ultimate victory; a successful war in Iran would surely strengthen the U.S.’s chokehold on the Middle East. As President Bush stated in today’s press conference, “U.S. hard power is at an all time high. In leaders, we need someone who is willing to stand strong with his ideas until the end, no matter the criticism, no matter the dissuasioners. America is not a country of flip-floppers, and we will show the world exactly that.”

17 Responses to “US Declares War on Iran”

  1. You had me going there 🙂

  2. If only we could be shure this would always remain an April Fool’s joke, I’d laugh.

  3. shurley shome mishtake, shorry

  4. 5 John

    Bush is the anticrist.he will F the world

  5. 6 Iranian

    It’s okay Shweety!!

    anyway , is it really a nightmare to fight us?
    I mean you are not sure whether the US presidnet would give such orders or not?
    kinda strange to me….!

  6. far out! dont do that! u literally made my jaw drop! im being serious! lol. that was probably the best april fools joke ever though. well done 🙂

  7. 8 mipk

    its is not so easy to don a war against iran because of iran neocler weapon and iran could be used these weapon against us army in batelfield and presednt bush can,t give order like that this is perfect.
    and us peoples don,t know how many dad bodies waiting to lanch for us i think midia is ban to report to peoples of us about army of us every days in iraq and afganistan more then 20 us army soldir died in soside atack by muslim freedom fighters.
    so it is not easy to fight with iran because its not like iraq.

  8. 9 Tone

    You Got me!

  9. I’m not LOLing Mr. Mango. This is way to close to the truth to be a joke. I just decided to see what you were up to here and clicked on your link from my blog….And I thought….How far out of loop have I gotten? It seems to me, that if you wait a few more weeks you may just be able to copy and paste this post for an actual “factual” post. Although, I pray you can’t. Personally, I wish the last six years where just a big April Fools Joke.

  10. Hydralisk, everythingiseventual, and Tone:
    Good to see I fooled some people, hahaha. April Fool’s is always fun.

    Uhhh, sure.

    Iranian and mipk:
    True, ‘defeating’ Iran will be a much more difficult proposition just as fighting a country with more advanced weaponry would.

    Catherine and lettershometoyou:
    I’m right with you in hoping this doesn’t become real. For now, with our Dem controlled Congress, I think it’s completely out of the question. The only chance we would have at fighting Iran- if that’s actually what Bush wants- lies in his ability or lack thereof of convincing people that an Iran war would be an extension of “the war on terror.” And at the very worst…. you heard it here first!

  11. 12 JD

    Any thing is possible with george bush

  12. I thought I missed a memo. 🙂

    Great post. Reminds me of my Withdraw from Iraq via Iran post.

    Sorry for the shameless plug!

  13. BTW, do you think that the release of the UK Hostages had “anything” to do with the Nimitz about to enter the Gulf region? I don’t believe in coincidences of this type, nor in the good will of Iranians.

  14. 15 fj

    that is funny my friend.if bush start a war in iran he’ll show his foolish./

  15. Hey Mr. Mango……what’s up???? No new post????? Is Mango season over??????

  16. *crowds cheering*

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