Patriot Act Provision Revoked


Today’s Senate decision to remove President Bush’s ability to appoint federal prosecutors- a power granted him by the Patriot Act of 2001- could have further implications beyond Alberto Gonzales’ political future, though it is true many speculate this is merely the first step in his firing.

While N. Pelosi (D-CA) has publicly called for his removal, A. Gonzales’ White House backing seems to have dwindled as well. “Nobody is prophetic enough to know what the next 21 months hold,” said Tony Snow in a statement today. If that doesn’t signify a lack of support, I don’t know what does.

The long-term implications of the withdrawal of said power are basically concerned with the way federal prosecutor appointments currently work. The Senate is now attempting to create legislation that would return the process back to its “old” form- a system under which the attorney general can only appoint an “interim” attorney for 120 days, while an administrative nomination is considered.


One Response to “Patriot Act Provision Revoked”

  1. But the President will certainly veto such a measure?

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