Ohio County Scandal


I was browsing Google News today and came across the Ohio county voting scandal. I’ll summarize (ie copy-paste the guts of it) here:

“CLEVELAND — All four election board members for Cuyahoga County, troubled by recount rigging charges and voting machine problems, have been told to resign or face being fired, a state official said Monday.

“Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner said she called the four board members of Ohio’s most populous count late Sunday, asking them to leave by the close of business Wednesday.

“Last week, two elections workers were sentenced to 18 months in prison for rigging a recount of the 2004 presidential election, not to affect the outcome but so they could avoid a more thorough review of the votes.

“The board’s chairman, Robert Bennett, also heads the Republican Party in Ohio. His term on the board ends in 2010. The other board members are two Democrats and one Republican.

It’s an interesting story, but not in the way you might think. In my mind issues like this will inevitably come up in any country as massive as ours, most especially during a transition between entire voting systems. Don’t get me wrong- I am in no way condoning the happenings, just mentioning that these things happen and we should do all we can to minimize their occurrences.

What really interested me about the story though was how much it reminded me of an investigation done in Ohio following the 2004 Presidential election about the discrepancy between exit polls and actual results. I searched on YouTube a bit and found a portion of it:

Yes, exit polls aren’t reliable, but it’s a little food for thought nonetheless.

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