Fox Under Fire (Again)


Fox News’ new self-proclaimed “fair and balanced” motto took yet another hit when its co-hosted debate with Democratic Presidential candidates was called off by Democrats. If the debate had been allowed, it could have gone a long way in mending fences with liberal activists who have continued to oppose Fox. 

Although many have accused Fox for making false claims about Senator B. Obama, and for providing A. Coulter a platform to speak from after her tasteless remarks, the Democrats’ willingness to participate in the scheduled August debate did lend some sense of veracity to Fox’s motto. The impetus for the Democrats’ withdrawal was provided ironically by Fox when the company’s President made a joke comparing Obama to Osama bin Laden.

2 Responses to “Fox Under Fire (Again)”

  1. So they are afraid of Fox? What is Fox going to do, put IED’s under their podiums?

    And these guys want to be President?


  2. Hahaha.

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