Stop Talking About Ann Coulter


Okay, okay enough of Ann Coulter. It’s been almost a week since her controversial comment, but news stations just can’t get enough of her. “Has Ann Coulter gone too far?” they can’t stop inquiring.

The fact of the matter is simply this: Ann Coulter will never have gone too far. Fine, three newspapers may have dropped her column, but I am surely not alone in predicting that her words remove any doubt of her next book topping the best-seller list. Try as we may to deny it, controversy is what sells in this modern world; by losing a few sales somewhere, Coulter ensures a plethora of sales somewhere else.  

Coulter is smart in that she knows exactly where to strike, exactly what subjects to make controversial remarks upon. Ergo, the best condemnation is no condemnation at all.

4 Responses to “Stop Talking About Ann Coulter”

  1. I really love mango water-ice….but I have never had
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  2. 2 Doug

    You’re right.

  3. 3 pg

    Until she pulls a Mel Gibson (or similar) She will continue to sell books and speaking engagements. While things may be rough right now, The storm will calm down. (I personally though it was a bit rough, but funny at the same time…) You are right, people need to stop talking about her crazy antics and move on.

  4. pg, you do bring up a good point- there IS a limit to what Coulter can say (and thus enter Gibson territory) but it looks like she has a devastatingly accurate knowledge of where that thin line lies.

    Doug, thanks for the comment/ego boost. Heh.

    And Catherine, you really should try mango ice cream some time! It’s delicious.

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