Poll Reveals Surprising Aversions


The 2008 Presidential Election is as unique as they come- a woman, an African American, and a Mormon are all considered top 5 candidates to receive a Democratic or Republican nomination. But while writers across America have speculated time and time what difficulties Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Mitt Romney will soon find themselves facing, a poll by the Washington Post-ABC reveals that Americans are more concerned with two characteristics that two of the most popular Presidents in this country’s history once exhibited.

They are (1) smoking- in reference to Barack Obama, and the last open smoker President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt- and (2) age- in reference to 72 year old John McCain, and Ronald Reagan.

According to the Times of India, “Obama has described himself as a ‘moderate’ smoker who chuffs up to ten cigarettes a day – mostly in times of stress.” And about 6 in every 10 people said they would be disinclined to vote for an older candidate such as McCain.

Also of note is the fact that about 25% of voters said they would not feel inclined to vote for a twice-divorced candidate, namely Rudy Giuliani. As expected, about 30% said they would be less likely to vote for a Mormon, Mitt Romney.

Surprisingly, the percentage of voters unlikely to vote for a woman candidate registered at 13%- with 15% of those votes specifically based on a dislike for Senator Clinton- and the percentage of voters unlikely to vote for an African-American candidate a scant 6%.

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